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Enhancing an efficient health care financing system

Under this programme HERAF:

  • Empowers citizens to comprehend the national budget making process - Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Annual Operational Plans (AOPs) at dispensary (Level 2), health centre (level 3), district hospital (level 4) and national level health facilities.
  • Facilitates community members to monitor governance and management of the Health Sector Services Fund (HSSF) and Hospital Management Services Fund (HMSF) budget allocation and implementation at dispensaries, health centres and district hospitals
  • Advocates for improved management and governance of devolved health funds including conducting national budget analysis to scrutinize actual government's allocations for devolved funds - HSSF and HMSF, against stated social commitments and Annual Operational Plan (AOPs) for each target facility

Under this programme, HERAF has in the recent past promoted the participation of health workers and the civil society in the budget making processes, analysis and expenditure monitoring and tracking in Kenya. This has been through the creation of awareness and educating of civil society  and other stakeholders about health sector budget making processes.Some of the initiatives that HERAF has been involved in the past include:

a) Providing leadership to civil society organizations' consultation forums on health sector budgets in making recommendations to Ministry of Finance for Considerations in the budget.

b) Debt2Health Campaign which aimed at freeing up domestic resources through debt relief that can then be invested in urgent public health needs, such as the fight against HIV&AIDS, TB and malaria.

c) The 15% Campaign to demand that the Kenyan government fulfils the 2001 Abuja Declaration pledge to allocate 15% of the annual budget into the health sector.

d) Kenya International Financial Institutions Watch Network (K-IFI Watch net): Through this initiative HERAF in collaboration with other partners examined the effects of international financial institutions (IMF& WB) on health, education and gender sectors in Kenya

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