Advocating for Constitution Implementation in Kenya’s Health Sector
The promulgation of the constitution of Kenya on 27th August, 2010 was a major milestone towards the realization of the highest attainable standard of health for every Kenyan. Citizen’s high expectations are grounded on the fact that the new Constitution states that every citizen has right to life, right to the highest attainable standard of health including reproductive health and emergency treatment among other rights. Towards this end civil society and citizen participation in development and implementation of the Constitution ranging from the Bill of Rights to the far reaching devolution of the government in health sector is fundamental for the realization of right to health. Unfortunately, their levels of awareness on rights and responsibilities envisioned in the New Constitution, development and implementation of laws and policy frameworks required by the Constitution is weak or completely absent. It is on this premise that this project was established to promote civil society participation in implementation of Constitution in health sector. The project has two actions Amkeni wa Kenya and Health Policy Action Fund (HPAF).
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