Health Policy Action Fund (HPAF)

The overall purpose of this action is to advocate for timely development and implementation of health sector legislations, policies, standards and guidelines for realization of devolved health system in Kenya. The process of developing and implementing these policies is marred with inadequate reference to the consultative process envisioned by the Constitution. The government is entrenching self interest as opposed to citizen centered implementation. The anti-reformers in Government may hijack the implementation processes with the intention of protecting the status quo and thereby deny the health sector an opportunity to realize;

  • Smooth transition from centralized bureaucratic health system to a devolved health sector and establishment of the country health units.
  • Functional devolved health system responsive of the health needs and priorities of the most vulnerable populations in the society.

The project is expected to:

  • Enhance civil society and general public awareness of proposed health legislations for implementation of Constitution
  • Ensure proactive participation of civil society and the public in advocating for timely development and implementation of laws required for the implementation of the Constitution
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