Scaling up the Capacity of HIV + Women’s Organisations to Engage in Gender and HIV Responsive Programming in Kenya
Past responses to HIV and AIDs in programming have not addressed gender issues adequately, with the gender component in HIV programming being merely cosmetic and existing only in the name ‘mainstream gender in HIV programmes.’ This has been attributed to insufficient knowledge and understanding of the policy frameworks, gender and HIV policies, linkages between gender and HIV, and lack of capacity to develop gender sensitive and responsive HIV interventions that respond to the needs of women, girls, boys, and men. It is on this basis that HERAF with support from the UN Women is empowering women living with HIV and AIDS on gender and HIV programming.
The purpose of the project is to scale up the capacity of HIV positive women organisations leaders to engage in gender and HIV responsive programming in Kenya. To achieve this, they will be empowered to comprehend constitutional, legislative and policy frameworks affecting integration of gender equality in Kenya’s HIV response. IT is envisaged that their capacity to develop and implement gender and HIV responsive projects will be enhanced. They will also be empowered to monitor and advocate for gender equality in Kenya’s HIV prevention, treatment and care programmes.
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