Strengthening Community Participation in Health Sector Management and Governance in Kenya. Background

The programme ran for 3yrs beginning 2009 to 2011 and aimed at strengthening Community Participation in Health Sector Governance and management in Coast, Eastern and Central provinces of Kenya.


The project aimed at:

  • Strengthening the capacity of grassroots communities to hold the government structures accountable in implementing the rights based approach to health care programmes at the district and community level
  • Empowering the DHMB/T to represent community interest in the implementation of health sector programmes at the district level
  • Improving health service delivery by empowering communities to monitor the quality of health services provided and to demand quality services
  • Advocating for transparency and accountability in planning, budgetary allocation and management of resources allocated to the community-based health facilities in order to address prevailing disease conditions.

Project Locations

The project was implemented in three areas namely :

  1. Kwale District - Coast province
  2. Mbeere District - Eastern Province
  3. Nyeri North District - Central Province.

These project locations have different geographical and socio-economic conditions which exposes them to different disease conditions. Plans within the health sector should be able to address different health issues specific to different geographical locations.

Expected Outcome

Through this project, it was expected that the community will be empowered to participate in health sector governance through making contributions to health facility plans so that they address specific issues unique to them. On the other hand, it is expected that the health management teams/Boards will be empowered to make decisions that address the community needs.

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