Supporting Community’s Role in Monitoring Management and Governance of Health Care Services in Kenya’s Health Facilities

Over the last 3 years HERAF under the European Commission has been increasing community members’ participation in health sector management and governance. To scale up this work, we have taken up an OSIEA project titled “Supporting Community’s Role in Monitoring Management and Governance of Health Care Services in Kenya’s Health Facilities”.

The project will use the Community Monitoring and Evaluation (CME) strategy in its implementation to ensure that community members and civil society at the community level are empowered with tools and methods to monitor, evaluate and analyse utilisation of HSSF and HMSF, services delivered and consequently advocate for improvements in their management and governance.

HERAF through the project seeks to instill the values of institutional reforms and good governance, which are important for effective civil society and community participation in the utilisation of the decentralised funds such as HSSF and HMSF in the health sector, which are utilized at the community level.

The reports generated after analysis of data given by community members will be used as tools for holding facility committee members and health care providers accountable on governance, management and service delivery. Identified gaps and challenges in the process will then be addressed through community and national advocacy which will target both community and national level decisions makers.

The overall goal of the project is to support community’s role in monitoring management and governance of health care services in Kenya’s health facilities. In specific the will project aim to:

1) Engage community members in monitoring the management and governance of devolved health sector public funds such as HSSF, HMSF and CDF.

2) Monitor availability and quality of health services accessible to community members from local health facility.

3) Advocate for improvements in health services delivery, management and governance of devolved health funds.

The target groups for the project include community members through Community Health Committees (CHC), Dispensary/Health Centre/Hospital Committees and grassroots civil society organisations including Community Based Organisations, Non Governmental Organisations, Religious Organisations and local community leaders.

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