Our Programme Focus

We assess, identify and address barriers that hinder the poor, vulnerable, marginalised and most at-risk populations from enjoying the benefits of their right to health including access to promotive, preventive, treatment and care services. These barriers include human rights abuses, negative socio-cultural beliefs and practices, harmful and discriminatory laws, policies and strategies as they weaken health system and negatively affect health outcomes for the poor, vulnerable and most at-risk populations.

We advocate for a strengthened resilient health system in order to cope with population’s changing health needs, withstand existing and future epidemics as well as the growing impact of climate change.

This entails calling out on the government to invest in community, primary health care and referral health services devoid of disruptions and stock outs. Ensure that every citizen has a defined Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Essential Benefit package for health, and that there are adequate human resources for health, vaccines and technologies. Further, we advocate for investment in gender and disability friendly water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructures in all health facilities to ensure no one is left behind.

We empower the poor, vulnerable, marginalised and most at-risk populations to enable them comprehend their rights, roles and responsibilities in governance structure with an anticipation that they will become active and demand their right to participate in decisions that impact on their lives. Often, they are excluded from full participation in the political, economic, and social sector decisions that shape their lives. This is achieved through meaningful civic education, organising ‘voices’ by building or sustaining active and cohesive citizen groups, networks, coalitions and partnerships for engagement with government.

We promote dialogues between citizens and decision/ policy-makers by expanding platforms for engagements at county, national and international levels in order to ensure citizen’s interests in policy, strategy, planning and resources allocation are addressed. And that service delivery, policy and resource allocation decisions are arrived at in a more transparent, accountable, equitable and responsive to citizen’s needs.

In partnership with other civil society organizations, we work to protect civic spaces from government intrusion. Often, government deliberately attempts to curtail civic space through policy directives or circumvent the Constitution and make decision without public participation. We have remained vigil to ensure such spaces are not undermined in order to ensure all persons have opportunity to raise their voices, influence decisions and hold government to account.