Taking Health Rights A Notch Higher
Email: info@heraf.or.ke

Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF) advocates for the health rights of all Kenyans. We uphold Kenyan’s health rights and promote availability of equitable, affordable and quality health care services.

Empower citizens to comprehend the human rights based approach to health by:

  • Carrying out sensitization campaigns on human rights based approach to health;
  • Designing and implementing human rights based approach capacity trainings for individuals, communities and government officials;
  • Promoting availability, access and utilisation of quality health care services at community and health facility levels.

Promote citizens’ advocacy in development and implementation of health sector policies at national and county levels by

  • Conducting /adopting research on components of health system to inform health sector advocacy initiatives;
  • Building policy advocacy partnerships and collaborative platforms for citizens, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to engage with policy makers for timely review, development and implementation of prioritised laws and policies;
  • Participating in local, regional and global health and related Campaigns.

Increase citizen’s participation in County and National government’s planning and budget making processes by:

  • Empowering community members to participate in local governance and management decision making processes;
  • Engaging with government officials in developing County and National health sector development and investment plans
  • Participating in pre-and post-budget hearing forums.

Promote social accountability and transparency at national and county levels by:

  • Conducting participatory user surveys to assess quality of services delivered;
  • Monitoring health sector budget implementation at national and county governments levels;
  • Facilitating participatory development and implementation of social accountability tools to inform decision making at County and National levels.